SKG MY610 Juicers & Fruit Extractors - intl

Thương hiệu: SKG

  • 400W
  • 500ml
  • Stainless steel blade
  • 30% more juice
  • Built-in safety features
  • BS Version(Local Plug Top)
  • Multipurpose plugtop will be attached

1.156.000 đ
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We all know fresh fruit juices are healthy for your body and not to mention the variety and taste it gives to our daily diet. Let SKG provide you with the best juices with the SKG Juicer. This juicer is made to provide you and your family with the best features any juicer could ever have. It is by far a perfect addition to your arsenal of kitchen appliances. It will also get you up to 30% more juice compare to other juicers!

Juicy Goodness

The SKG juicer is made with a stainless steel housing ensuring durability, scratch proof and as well as style. This juicer features a powerful rotary motor with a power capacity of 400W which provides you with incredibly fast juicing. Another time saving feature is the extra-large input pipe. The large input pipe allows you to juice bigger pieces of fruits with minimal cutting required. Peeling is also not required due to the mini pore filter mesh which filters out all unwanted skin and pulps to give you pure juicy goodness.


So Easy

After use, the juicer can be easily washed due to its detachable parts. Just rinse it water and a quick wipe is all you need to get back to more juicing.













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